Anita Bánhegyi


Born in 1988 right into the new era of Hungarian government that brought with it the belief that everything was possible, I incorperate this feeling into my work till this day.

As my life developed, it lead me step by step to discover this endless inner world we all have. Already in my early years I started to visit as many movement practices as was possible to reach that time, martial arts, hip hop, jazz, all kinds of different things, but slowly I arrived at contemporary dance and improvisation.

Searching for educational possibilities I found my way to the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague for the next 5 years of my life. Here I dicovered a whole new world. Studied standard classical techniques as in any dance educational program, but also improvisation, composition, contact improvisation, somatic practices such as the Feldenkrais method, authentic movement, and Body Mind Centering, which really caught my attention. The last year of my studies I wanted to discover more, and I got a 6-month scholarship to the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. This time I was already very clear about the direction I was about to go. I took part in several research projects with sound, body and space, raising thousands of questions about my body, my mind, and their relation and role in the world around me.

As I moved to Berlin after my studies I continued to explore these relations ever more deeply. Currently I am participating in a Somatic Movement Educational Program in Germany.

In my practice I use several somatic approaches, working with free movement, leading the body to discover its possibilities, letting the discovered inner stuctures express themselves, and then learning how to consciously reconnect with and mobilize them as tools in other fields of life, supporting your presence.





Applied Moves